Tekmar Outdoor Reset Control Systems

A Tekmar control system adds value to any building by improving the efficiency and durability of the heating system while increasing the comfort and quality of indoor living.

Over the past 28 years, Tekmar has earned a reputation as the leader in complete control solutions for radiant floor and baseboard heating systems, multi-stage boiler plants, and automatic snow melting systems.
Outdoor reset controls are some of the easiest to apply and use. Heating systems are sized to keep the home warm at the worst possible conditions for the region, which don’t often occur. With outdoor reset controls, you can adjust the supply temperature of the water from the boiler to the radiation in the home in relation to the outside air temperature. This will allow the system to operate at peak efficiency and deliver the proper amount of heat to the home at any given time.
As the outside air temperature increases, the supply temperature to the system will decrease in a proportional amount that has been predetermined and set into the reset control. This allows the heating units to deliver heat longer but at a lower output. This means there’s a gentle flow of heat being delivered that matches the heat loss, eliminating or reducing temperature swings. The longer on cycles also mean that the cold outside walls are bathed in heat for longer periods, reducing the effect of bodies radiating heat to those cold surfaces.

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